Riverglass 20x20mm

These are the most economical mosaics on the market and are avaialble in a good selection of colour which makes blending your mosaic that much easier.

The mosaic is identified by the smooth but speckled surface and grooved back. The speckles are pieces of river sand.

There are grooves at the back of the mosaic and it’s important to take note that when you apply the glue to the back of the tile, that it squishes up between the grooves to allow better adhesion.
This product is usually supplied on a mesh backing but it’s increasingly being supplied with a paper backing. This means that the paper is glued to the front of the tile. Simply soak the mosaics in warm water for a couple of minutes and the paper will peel off easily.

Cutting tip: If you’d like to cut the riverglass mosaic into two (as relatively accurately as possible), hold the tile so that the grooves on the back of the tile are running horizontally and then cut vertically through the grooves.

How this product is sold:

· In sheets of 327x327mm (225 tiles)

· Full sheet shown in this image

Note that you can expect batch variations in some mosaics which means that you’re not guaranteed of getting exactly the same colour twice. To avoid disappointment, ensure that you purchase enough of one colour, at one time when creating your mosaic project.

Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions.